How long will I be in psychotherapy?

Each psychotherapy is unique and the length of treatment depends on many factors, including the client’s goals and the scope of the issues to be addressed. Some people benefit from just one session, whereas others prefer long-term support.

Generally, the client senses that therapy has been successfully completed when specific goals have been met. They will notice that they have new energy, interest, and enthusiasm about other aspects of their life – as well as the confidence to tackle new challenges on their own.

Successful psychotherapy also depends on maintaining the momentum of the work. Thus, committing to attend regular sessions is important. Most clients find weekly sessions to be the most productive, but others need more or less support. It is important to share your preference for frequency of therapy, or if you feel you no longer are benefiting from therapy. I will be open and objective about what I feel will be most beneficial for you. I encourage patients to terminate therapy as soon as they feel ready, or if it feels therapy is no longer effective.